Rockin’ All Over The World

27 Jul

Ok try not to judge, but I bought this HUGE and amazing-looking meringue from Carluccio’s today (which by the way, is my new and favourite go-to for eating out). Yep, I feel judged… But you can’t blame me really- it’s been calling to me every time I walk past and spot it through their bloody windows! Calling, I tell you! I split it with a friend anyway, so that’s not too bad. And just so you know, it was lovely.

 In other news…

Seeing as the film recently came out in the UK, I was inspired to read the novel Brighton Rock by Graham Greene. Ok, that’s not strictly true. Technically, it was my mum who became inspired enough to download the book onto her Kindle (that’s right, my mum’s cooler than me… in a geeky sort of way) and then force me to buy and read it myself. Anyway, I’ve just finished it and my verdict is this: although at times the story became slightly hard to follow, I overall found it a very exciting, chilling and thought-provoking read… Yay, my mum’s happy.

Finally, this is just a forewarning about a new, monthly post I’ll be doing called ‘5 Things’, in which I’ll choose a theme and photograph/write about the 5 things I’ve chosen in each particular category. It’ll probably make more sense when I actually start the first of these new posts… which should be sometime in the next few weeks, seeing as it’s the summer now and I’ll probably have nothing better to do. And I need to find some way of distracting myself, otherwise I’ll end up getting more ear piercings out of sheer boredom. Night all!

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