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Flippin’ Heck!

22 Feb

Whoa, whoa- wait. It was Pancake Day?!

I’m just kidding, I know that Pancake Day has in fact been and gone, but I need some kind of excuse to post about my pancakes a day late, right?

For me, when it comes to pancakes I follow no strict recipe or rules. I don’t even measure my ingredients. The only thing I need to know is that there had better be some flour, eggs and milk in there somewhere, and that’s it.

God, I feel rustic

Topping-wise, I’m just as simple: sugar and lemon. Come on, sugar and lemon! You can’t beat it, really. Yes, when I hear about the nutella and banana, the cinnamon, butter and honey of other people’s pancakes, my stomach literally flips (haha, pancake pun there… Because you flip a pancake right? Ok, time to stop) on itself with excitement and craving.

But if I’m honest, I’m a traditional gal and I love the pure traditionalism and downright beautiful simplicity of a lemon-soaked, sugar-dusted, pancake.

Just look at the sugary, lemony goodness!

 In other news, I’ve just bought these Gypsy-style hoops, £7 from Accessorize and love them! The only down-side is that they’ve been designed as backless (so they aren’t full hoops) and the ends have been persistently catching on my hair and clothes!

Another recent buy of mine is this Barry M nail varnish in Raspberry, £2.99. I had been searching for the perfect plum/berry colour for a while until I came across this. It’s perfect and exactly what I was looking for- I literally cannot fault it! I’m even considering buying a matching lipstick…

I feel like these latest buys have been leading me in the direction of a specific image-overhaul that I probably would have never considered before… Maybe it is my time to go chola. I mean, if you’ve seen Lil’ Loca on Youtube, then you would understand why I’m fine with this- I would love to be her. Bandanas, attitude and a very creative yet questionable use of lip-liner… Ok, ok perhaps not.

Maybe the time for an image-overhaul is nigh, but not just yet! I’ll rock the hoops for a while and see how I get on.

Finally, Lana Del Rey won a Brit Award last night! I feel so proud (strange, seeing as I obviously have no reason or right to)! And congratulations, of course, to Adele and the other artists who won awards last night.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Happy blogging!

Damn Girl!

27 Sep

Right, I’ve done what I said I was trying my upmost to avoid. Yep, another cartilage piercing. Now I have two… I can’t help it- they’re just so addictive!

Friends have already warned me off another piercing that I’ve been thinking about already; this time on my tragus (that pointy bit that leads from your sideburns to the side of your ear… Am I crazy? Don’t answer that).

Anyway, I had this one done at Needle FX in Camden, and I really recommend them. They were incredibly friendly and professional and it was virtually painless to have done. And if when I do have another piercing, it’s the only place I’m headed!

In other news, I’ve just finished (literally today, in fact) reading ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer. Personally I loved it. Instead of finding it a grueling, hard-going read as many others do, I found myself enthralled and captured by the exciting adventure story!


That’s all for now folks. So until next time, happy blogging and night all!

5 Things

22 Sep


It may seem a tad late, as Autumn is now almost upon us; but my wardrobe has been in need of a summer spruce for some time now. I created this 5 Things post a while ago, wanting to actually post it ages before, but I unfortunately had some mishaps with the collage software (excuses excuses!). So, a month or two late, here is my first of many 5 Things posts! And to start it off: SUMMER! Here are 5 of my new summer must-haves:


 Coral, Barry M, £2.99             Playsuit, Topshop, £28             Trilby, H&M £5.99

               Bridge Detail Cats Eye Sunglasses, ASOS, £15          

Cobalt blue pumps, Office, £25


Coral and Cobalt blue are all in this summer; and let’s be honest, when is leopard print not in? One thing I will say about the playsuit though, is regardless of how pretty and summery it looks, and regardless of me putting it on this post, it actually hasn’t worn me well at all. Let’s just say: girls with hips and boobs beware!

Hope you liked, peace out!


4 Sep

I know, I know, I’ve been AWOL again. Well apologies, because my excuse is pretty crap. I’ve been preparing for the new school year (kill me now!), meaning I’ve had to catch up on the homework avoided all summer; collect together the school books and study material strewn across my house (it’s like bloody Treasure Island round here at the minute); and, of course, give a ‘New Year’ spruce to my school wardrobe… Yes, I know it’s not technically the New Year yet. And?

In-keeping with my decision to experiment with dangly (nice made-up word there) earrings this summer, I bought these Vintage Gem Chandliers, £10, from Accessorize.,4,shop,jewelleryshop,jewelleryshopearrings

It may sound strange, but I’m currently trying to reinvent danglies into my wardrobe, as ‘classy daytime’, rather than ‘classy evening’ style accessories. That way I can wear them even more often!

In other news, I know I still haven’t posted the ‘5 Things’ post I keep making such a fuss about! I assure you it’s coming soon!

Until then, hasta la vista bloggers!

Bloody Hell!

17 Aug

I can’t describe how much I actually hate blood tests. Not only do they involve someone actually taking your blood (ugh), but it’s the needles in particular that get to me. Bah, needles are nothing. I can take them!” I hear you scream. No. You think that- I thought that. But it’s only when you’re sitting in that unnecessarily large chair that they always make you sit in (you know, the one that makes you feel tiny and insignificant and unprotected), and actually SEE that scarily big needle when you realise that you’re not prepared at all for it to pierce through your skin and enter your arm! It’s even worse when you think about it happening as it happens- for some reason it seems to make it all the more painful when you’re expecting and obsessing over it.

As you may have guessed, I had a blood test today. And obviously it was the best part of my day… I think the most enjoyable moment had to be when the nurse had trouble finding my vein and had to squeeze my arm repeatedly for what seemed like forever, hoping to find it. Funnily enough, that did make me more nervous would you believe! Yeah, blood tests are so horrible that even my vein was hiding!

Anyway after the worst was over (the experience of feeling the needle move inside my skin and the agonising wait as the nurse took three vials of my blood!), the ache of my arm following the blood test was much more welcome than another appearance of the Needle Monster would have been.

And on a much happier note, I can report that to cheer myself after my morbid visit to the hospital, I decided to spend money I don’t have on some much-needed retail therapy! I bought this top, £7.99, from New Look. It seems the whole nautical theme is always in: and I love horizontally striped tops and have wanted to buy one for ages. Also, front knot tees have been very popular this summer. Right on!

A Hairy Situation

28 Jul

You know that horrifying moment when you’re halfway through a hair cut, and as you catch sight of yourself in the mirror your heart just sinks? If not, all you need to know is that (as I learned today) it’s the most mortifying and upsetting experience, to watch your hair being tortured by some psychopath with a pair of scissors. And the worst part of this is that I let it happen! I’m one of those people who hates to make the smallest of complaints about anything, yet always ends up whining about it afterwards; which as I’m sure you’ve guessed, doesn’t really work out for me.

So picture the scene: My hairdresser asks me how I want my hair cut. I clearly explain that I only need a trim, as I want my hair to stay long, and just some soft layers to add some more volume. My hairdresser nods, smiling at me as if she understands what I’m asking for. It was only later when I’d realize that this was not the case, as she instead took off a good 4 inches of hair instead of the trim I’d pleaded for, and gave me layers that were short to such an extent, that I now look as if I have a bowl-cut resting on the top of my head, above the rest of my hair.

The saddest part is that as I watched her vindictive scissors chopping away at my lovely long hair, I knew that it was all going wrong; I knew that it was the opposite of what I wanted; and I knew I would cry about it later and end up wearing a shower cap around the house for the next two months, until it grew back. I knew all of this, yet I didn’t say a word and even managed to smile and nod when she asked me if I liked it at the end.

Now, what does this say about me? Why was I desperate to not be honest and tell her that I was devastated with how she had killed my hair and left its remains on my head, ready to be picked at by passing birds? If I’m honest, I felt much better being able to briskly walk away and fall into hysterical panic once I’d arrived back home. So am I too passive, or just a push-over? And what am I going to do about my miserable hair? Well I’m mostly over the shock now, so I’m going to be a big girl and toughen up about the length, but I refuse to accept the monstrous layers so I’m keeping them pinned up, beehive-style, for as long as it takes for them to grow out. Oh and I’m obviously never going to said hairdresser’s ever again, thank you very much!

In other, more positive news, I picked these pink roses from my very own garden yesterday. Lovely!

This Shit Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

24 Jul

In the past when it’s come to earrings, I’ve primarily been a stud gal. So lately I’ve been trying to ween myself off the Stud and onto the Danglies… Yes, I know that I just made that dubious-sounding name up, and no, I don’t care.

So to take the first steps into my new trend of wearing dangly earrings, I bought these fantastically quirky and cool bananas from for £9.00 and I love them! On the website I also found other fruit-inspired jewellery, such as pineapple earrings and orange bracelets- a fruity fix to satisfy any other cravings!

I have to say, the best thing about wearing these earrings is if you don’t mention you’re wearing them when you next meet with your friends. A few hours in, or perhaps towards the end of the night, you’ll suddenly hear: “Oh my GOD. Are those BANANAS?” It’s touching, really.

Night all!

Pink Friday

21 Jul

So I bought this pink lipgloss (Bourjois Paris- Effect 3D, Rose) in order to fit in with my costume idea for a friend’s birthday party. The theme is pop and rock stars, past and present. So being an olive-skinned brunette, I of course took this as an opportunity to experience being a blonde for once in my life, just for the fun of it. Yes, it sounds crazy but when else would I get the chance to experiment with a blonde wig without seeming an utter fool?

When considering my options for music artists, I had to painfully reject the idea of going Gaga (literally)- the most eccentric of my choices, and my personal favourite. This was because although she can get away with wearing almost anything due to her, let’s call it, unique sense of style (hello, meat dress anyone?), I still wasn’t sure of my chances of getting away with being a blondie, as I have tanned skin and dark hair for a reason- blonde just doesn’t suit me, unfortunately.

However, it then dawned on me… Why worry about being judged, looking like a crazy bitch in a blonde wig, when I could choose to do this by dressing as another darker-skinned lady who totally makes blonde work, and owns it?

Nicki Minaj- I had never properly listened to her music before, but you just have to look at a picture of the woman to see how evidently she oozes mad confidence, both in her style and in herself. Given, she walks around with hair in a range of different colours; from bubble gum pink to candyfloss orange and seaweed green; nevertheless, a slick blonde do has frequently been her signature look as of late.

So, as I was saying (oh, I do love coming  full circle), I bought this Bourjois Paris lipgloss in order to fully emulate Nicki Minaj’s iconic new era ‘Barbie’ image. Here’s to hoping I’ll do her justice!

In other news, I’ve learned today that you know when you have a baking disaster on your hands (or ‘baking fail’ as I’ve aptly named it) because when you end up desperately scraping your cookie mix into a cake tin- that’s bad. It can’t get any more ambiguous than that, however my pride won’t let me explain any further at risk of wholly losing any faith left in my baking abilities, once and for all.