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I’m Alive!

31 Jan

Hello? Yes, I’m back and shamefully, this is my first post of 2012 . I know I’m about a month too late, considering it’s practically February. But I do have an excuse, I promise. However, whether it’s good enough is yet to be decided.  

Ok, get ready… 

The reason I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for about the past two months is pretty boring, and it involves being a student… Oh dear.

No. 1) Throughout most of December, I’ve been sorting out the freaking UCAS form I dedicated a former blog post to last year… and it almost killed me! Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the form unless I’d decided I would rather sit at home and wallow in self-pity, rather than go to the uni which would have been my beloved first-choice, had I filled out and sent off the deadly UCAS form.

Well, luckily that didn’t happen and I’m thrilled to have received four out of five university offers so far!  Exciting. I guess that whole UCAS thing isn’t so bad then, considering the benefits.

No.2) Now, for the second-half of my AWOL-ness explanation. The beginning of my 2012 has been consumed with much-loved (heavy sarcasm there) January exams, which I absolutely must do well in, in order to not make the long-suffered hassle of No.1 completely irrelevant. So, lots of revision, lots of stress, and lots of coffee later, it’s finally and thankfully all over. No good news for this yet though- I won’t get the results until the summer, by which time I will have whole new hoard of exams to work through. Oh glory glory.

So, I’m sorry for my absence, but now I’m thankfully I’m able to return to blogging! I’m back (hopefully for good… if not, then at least for the forseeable future) bitches! And to start off the new year (sort of), here is the HOT leopard-print Topshop blouse I got for Christmas! (Yes, late. No, I don’t care- I have no shame). Looks lovely with casual black jeans, or leather-look leggings for a great party look.

In other news, I’m considering setting up a Bake and Boutique twitter account. I’m not really sure if this could work though- I have to admit, I am a twitter newbie! Is it worth bothering, or am I better off sticking to the good, old-fashioned blog post? Help a girl out.

Happy blogging!

Damn Girl!

27 Sep

Right, I’ve done what I said I was trying my upmost to avoid. Yep, another cartilage piercing. Now I have two… I can’t help it- they’re just so addictive!

Friends have already warned me off another piercing that I’ve been thinking about already; this time on my tragus (that pointy bit that leads from your sideburns to the side of your ear… Am I crazy? Don’t answer that).

Anyway, I had this one done at Needle FX in Camden, and I really recommend them. They were incredibly friendly and professional and it was virtually painless to have done. And if when I do have another piercing, it’s the only place I’m headed!

In other news, I’ve just finished (literally today, in fact) reading ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer. Personally I loved it. Instead of finding it a grueling, hard-going read as many others do, I found myself enthralled and captured by the exciting adventure story!


That’s all for now folks. So until next time, happy blogging and night all!

Hay There!

5 Sep

So I took a long-needed trip to the embankment with a friend today… Strolling along the sunny Southbank pavements, exploring the quirky beach huts and wandering through various exhibits, transformed me into a hugely excited tourist in my own hometown! To put things plainly: I love London.

Visiting the National Theatre was particularly inspiring; not just because I love a good play (well, I do…) but because of its lovely, petite bookshop! Selling every kind of dramatic literature: plays, monologues, classics, Shakespeare’s sonnets, even a How-To for acting and directing- you name it. It was enchanting.

“So what? It sounds no different to any other average bookshop…” I hear you cry!

Well, yeah that’s true. Except this is the National Theatre daaarling, so they don’t sell any old rubbish, do they now? What-ho! As I said, it’s strictly drama-related stuff, so no Steffo Meyer or JK Whatsit. Can I get away with another ‘daaarling!’ on the end of that sentence? No…? Suit yourselves.

Anyway, I spotted these amongst the incredibly bourgeoisie selection of books in the shop. Leuchtturm notebooks. Officially my 2nd favourite brand of notebooks ever, the 1st being Moleskine notebooks. And might I add that between the two of them there’s practically no difference- you may as well just call them identical. Just saying…   

I have a small, secret-sized Moleskine one (my size choice partly based on the brand’s pretty expensive prices), in which I write down all my writing and blog ideas, and have started making an account of the incredibley strange dreams I have… Ever known what it’s like to have Simon Cowell buy you a dress; or met a young Alan Alda on an old London tram to discuss losing your shoes and finding Kerry Katona’s phone? No? Welcome to my world!

Finally, upon heading out of the National Theatre and exploring a little more around Southbank, I discovered this little big guy!

Doesn’t he look sad? It’s probably because he’s made of hay and his silly designers have given him droopy eyes and a helpless expression! Poor guy.

Anyway, if you’re a Londoner like me and don’t appreciate your hometown as much as you should, or if you just fancy a nice day out; get down here and check it all out- there’s so much to see. Come on, how could you refuse the London Eye! Happy blogging all!

Love Me UCAS, Love Me!

19 Jul

I feel like such a volunteer work slut. Literally the only reason I help out at the local Scout group; full of unruly 6-8 year old boys who are- and I’m not exaggerating- CRAZY; is in order to facilitate my UCAS form. I’m desperate to have at least one thing on this bloody form that might make me seem appealing to UCAS examiners! And you have to admit, that in the current circumstances of our country and school systems due to the cuts (ahem, Nick Clegg I’m looking at you), a student has to find some way of REALLY selling themselves to their prospective universities… and I’m not talking about flashing during an interview, because I can assure you that I’m not that kind of girl. Well, not really…

So in short, if you don’t stand out on your university application statement (what we students call the ‘Personal Statement’– makes it seem a little more intense, doesn’t it?), then you’ve got no chance of impressing them enough to even consider you- good grades don’t always do the trick, unfortunately.

Here’s just a few, out the list of things you should really mention in your personal statement, as has been drummed into the mine and my classmates’ heads, by the oh-so-UNempathetic teachers currently manning my sixth form:

1. INTEREST IN YOUR CHOSEN SUBJECT- fine, this is easy so far. I’d be mad if I didn’t know why I wanted to study the subject I’ve chosen, right? Umm, yeah… it’s a lot harder when trying to put into writing, isn’t it?

2. HOBBIES- oh ok, I see how it’s progressively getting harder. Well, I… umm. I like to *ahem* erm, what do I like to do? I, uh, like to write and stuff? Oh dear.

3. VOLUNTEER WORK- brilliant, it now makes sense that everything’s been leading up to this. Oh teachers, you guys are so sneaky leaving this one for the end! Haha… ha… oh my god, I’m going to die before I finish this.

And those are just a few. I’m not really complaining though- I know I’m unimaginably lucky to have the opportunity to go to university. And honestly, I’m really excited about (finally) finishing this UCAS form and heading off to uni. However, if the personal statement is designed for us to each stand out from other applicants, then surely none of us will with all the volunteering and hobbies we’ll end up listing? 

Oh well, it’s clearly not stopping me from chasing my sudden new dream of being an assistant Scout leader to a group of rowdy little people, despite the fact that I just can’t seem to take it seriously. And that’s not just because the group is called the ‘Beavers’…